Monday, 27 May 2013


Hey! Today it has been the great day! I loved your British looks. And your performances were amazing! 
We also have to say THANK YOU to Brenda Handford, who came to give us a talk about British life and about The Beatles. And she was one of the members of our jury in the show "Britain´s got talent".
Thanks to our jury too: Conchy, Teresa and Mª José. They were very good giving us their YES.
A fantastic celebration!

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Wait a minute! Not so fast! We haven´t finished with The Beatles yet! You know that every class has to sing a song by The Fab Four, don´t you? But we are also going to sing another one together. How about "Hello Goddbye"? It is very funny and catchy. I´m sure you will like it. Ready? Here we go!!!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


This year it has been the 50th anniversary of the creation of THE BEATLES, also known as THE FAB FOUR. It was the most important British group and its fame spread all around the world. Some people think it was the best band ever!
To celebrate this event, we are going to organise a BRITISH DAY dedicated to THE BEATLES. We all have to participate in the famous TV programme "Britain´s got talent" as contestants. We are going to sing three of the Beatles songs (one each group). Here are the selected ones:

- 6A: "She loves you"
- 6B: "Michelle"
- 6C: "And I love her"

We have to practice as much as possible. If you want to do it at home, here are the lyrics. Hands on!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013


These days we are talking about the spring and the variety of things we can do just because it´s springtime. And yesterday we went outside, to the playground, to do two funny activities:

- First we planted an Afrincan daisy in an empty yoghurt.
- Then we collected some wild flowers to make a herbarium (a book of flowers).

We all enjoyed a lot! And we learned some curiosities about some flowers too. For example:
- BUTTERCUP: Put this flower under your chin and check if you can see its yellow relect. If so, you like butter.
- DANDELION: Make a wish and .... BLOW!!!
- THISTLE: It´s the Scottish emblem.
- BLUBELL: Fairies use this flower to trap children. Careful!!!
- POPPY: Poppy Day is on 11th November.

Have a look at these photos to see our job...