Thursday, 6 October 2016


I know you love magic and magicians. That´s why we received today a fantactic illusionist at school: Joshua Kenneth. He offered an amazing show with kandkerchiefs, balls, cards, bottles, glasses, hats and a magic wand. We all were wide-open when we saw his magic tricks. It was awesome and everything was ... IN ENGLISH!!! Here is a memory:

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


These first days at school are good to remember some basic things such as the classroom rules, the material we need, the study habits, ... They are extremely important to pass with flying colours and to live with our teachers and companions. Have a look:

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


We are back. Welcome everyone to a new and exciting school year! It´s going to be full of surprises: new games, new phrases of the month, new workshops, new talks and a speaking assistant!
We are all a bit nervous and anxious these first days, but don´t panic! Everything is going to be ok. And to relax ourselves a little bit, it´s a good idea to start with a concert in English. Remember that singing songs help you improve your English.
Today we had the visit of Brenda Handford, an English teacher, and BlueSmoke, a fantastic pop band. Brenda gave us some tips to study English with songs and we could put them into practise singing along. BlueSmoke played several famous songs by bands of all times. 
We all had a fantastic time singing along!!! Thank you soooooooo much....


Tuesday, 28 June 2016


And another year has gone... After so many hours of hard work, collaboration, exams, laughter, talks, workshops, songs, listenings and homework, we all deserve a rest.




Let´s finish with a song: "We are going on a summer holiday" by Cliff Richard

Monday, 20 June 2016


Today we have had our Cooking Club session. Mrs. Susan Barreiro, a teacher from London, came to our classroom once again to explain us how to prepare a delicious British dessert: TRIFFLE. Following 10 easy steps, we made this typical dessert for kids parties. Yummy yummy in my tummy!!! Do you want to try?

Thursday, 2 June 2016


And the great day arrived! Last Monday, the 30th of May, we had a show at Colón Theatre with other 3 schools: CEE. María Mariño, CEIP. San Pedro de Visma and Conservatory of Music. We all celebrated a day together in an activity called "Art for Equality", which consisted of a play in Galician,"A farsa do Rei Bululú".
We danced a very difficult traditional dance called "The Dance of the Ribbons". We had to dance around a pole with coloured ribbons, making a plait around it. One mistake and... But everything went perfect and we all had a great time, sharing nerves and new experiences with the kids of the other schools. And with live music!!!
Here is a memory of that exciting day...

Monday, 23 May 2016


Today we could have a little bite of the Big Apple because we received the visit of Isabel González, a lady from New York. She talked to us about this fascinating city: its famous buildings, its skyscrapers, its parks and bridges, ... and she taught us a funny clapping song: "Miss Mary Mack". Here is a memory of her visit.
Thank you so much for your visit, Isabel! We hope to see you next year...


Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Happy Galician Letters´  Day, this year dedicated to Manuel María, a wonderful poet. I´m afraid I cannot find any documents about him in English, but I´ve found a beautiful video made in a school in Northern Ireland. All the pupils recite a famous poem by Rosalía de Castro in both languages, Galician and English. Have a look...
And do not ever forget that "our language is the key to open the world", as Manuel María says:

A fala. Manuel María
O idioma é a chave
coa que abrimos o mundo:
o salouco máis feble,
o pesar máis profundo.

O idioma é a vida,
o coitelo da dor,
o murmurio do vento,
a palabra de amor.

O idioma é o tempo,
é a voz dos avós
e ese breve ronsel
que deixaremos nós.

O idioma é un herdo,
patrimonio do pobo,
maxicamente vello,
eternamente novo.

O idioma é a patria,
a esencia máis nosa,
a creación común
meirande e poderosa.

O idioma é a forza
que nos xungue e sostén.
¡Se perdemos a fala
non seremos ninguén!

O idioma é o amor,
o latexo, a verdade,
a fonte da que agroma
a máis forte irmandade.

Renunciar ao idioma
é ser mudo e morrer.
¡Precisamos a lingua
se queremos vencer!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Last Friday we celebrated Galician Letters´ Day at school. We saw a fantastic show with songs, poems, plays, ... ,  all in Galician, our language, and all by Manuel María, the poet honoured this year. And we participated in the concert with a traditional dance: The Dance of the Ribbons. It is a very difficult dance because the dancers have to make a plait around a pole and the minimum mistake is terrible... But everything went prefect, just as well. Here is a memory...

Sunday, 1 May 2016


Last Friday we received the visit of Germaine, a guy from Houston. He has been living in Coruña the last months. He works as a teching assistant in San Marcos Primary School, Abegondo. He told us about his hometown and about his life. Now we know that Houston is famous for 2 reasons:
       - NASA
       - RODEOS
It was amazing to see the photos of some rockets ready to take off !!! Thank you so much for your visit, Germaine. We hope to see you again. All the best.