Tuesday, 14 May 2013


These days we are talking about the spring and the variety of things we can do just because it´s springtime. And yesterday we went outside, to the playground, to do two funny activities:

- First we planted an Afrincan daisy in an empty yoghurt.
- Then we collected some wild flowers to make a herbarium (a book of flowers).

We all enjoyed a lot! And we learned some curiosities about some flowers too. For example:
- BUTTERCUP: Put this flower under your chin and check if you can see its yellow relect. If so, you like butter.
- DANDELION: Make a wish and .... BLOW!!!
- THISTLE: It´s the Scottish emblem.
- BLUBELL: Fairies use this flower to trap children. Careful!!!
- POPPY: Poppy Day is on 11th November.

Have a look at these photos to see our job...

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