Thursday, 31 December 2009


New Year's resolutions are peculiar things. At the beginning of each new year, people make resolutions, or plans, on how they can improve on themselves and their lives in the coming year. New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make. That´s why it´s good to write a list of the things you want to achieve during the new year. Have you done your list? Maybe you can get some ideas here: TOP TEN NEW YEAR´S RESOLUTIONS FOR KIDS.

Monday, 28 December 2009


GREAT NEWS! Everyone is going to get a SOBRESALIENTE in English this school year. Congratulations!Wake up! Don´t you know what day it is today? Happy FOOLS´ DAY!

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Today is BOXING DAY. In Britain, Boxing Day is celebrated on the following day after Christmas Day, that´s it on the 26th of December. It´s a public holiday, so people don´t work today. Traditionally it was the day to open the box containing gifts to give to poor people. And the tradition still continues today. At schools, for instance, pupils put presents in Xmas Boxes to be sent to poorer countries.
But Boxing Day is also the day when families get together: they watch sports, play boardgames or go on walks in the countryside.
And it is also the day when the New Year sales start!
Happy Boxing Day!

Friday, 25 December 2009


Today is December, the 25th so...

Thursday, 24 December 2009


And now let´s go over some Christmas vocabulary. It´s easy-peasy!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


We have Xmas holidays at last! After the enormous effort of the last 3 months, we deserve a rest. And a good way to start our holidays is to watch this funny video by Mr. Bean.
Happy Xmas holidays to you all!

Friday, 18 December 2009

WE ARE 3rds!

The results of the Edublog Awards 2009 are already known:

Best Class Edublog 2009
The winners of the Best Class Edublog 2009:

Winner: Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog (from Seattle - U.S.A.) First Runner Up: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (from California- U.S.A.)
Second Runner Up: English With Rosa (from Coruña - Spain)

OUR BLOG IS THE SECOND RUNNER UP! That means that we are the THIRDs IN THE WORLD with 137 votes. Once again, very many thanks to all the pupils, parents, teachers, supporters and followers of our blog. This award is for YOU!

If you want to have a look at the results and at the number of votes of each blog, just click on the link below.

Ya se conocen los resultados de los PREMIOS EDUBLOG 2009:

Los ganadores del mejor Blog de aula 2009:

Ganador: Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog (de Seattle - Estados Unidos)
Primer clasificado: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog (de California - Estados Unidos)
Segundo clasificado: English With Rosa (de A Coruña - España)

¡NUESTRO BLOG ES EL SEGUNDO CLASIFICADO! Eso significa que somos los TERCEROS DEL MUNDO con 137 votos. Una vez más, muchísimas gracias a todos los alumnos/as, padres/madres, profesores/as y seguidores de nuestro blog. Este premio es para ¡VOSOTROS!

Si queréis echar un vistazo a los resultados y ver el número de votos de cada blog, haced click en el siguiente vínculo.

Thursday, 17 December 2009


The poll is closed. Now we have to wait for the results. Tomorrow, Friday December 18th, the winners will be announced. Let´s keep our fingers crossed! Thank you very much for all your votes and for encouraging us during these last days with your comments. You are the best!

La votación está cerrada. Ahora tenemos que esperar los resultados. Mañana, viernes 18 de diciembre, se anunciarán los ganadores. ¡Crucemos los dedos! Muchísimas gracias por todos vuestros votos y por animarnos durante estos últimos días con vuestros comentarios. ¡Sois los mejores!

Friday, 11 December 2009


Our blog has been nominated as the BEST CLASS BLOG in the EDUBLOG AWARDS! Now it´s time for people to vote and wait for the results. If you want to participate in the poll, just click on the image and vote for our blog before December 16th. Thank you!

Nuestro blog fue nominado como MEJOR BLOG DE AULA en los premios EDUBLOG. Ahora empiezan las votaciones y tenemos que esperar los resultados. Si queréis participar en la votación, sólo tienes que hacer click en la imagen y votar por nuestro blog antes del día 16 de diciembre. ¡Gracias!

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Check if you're on Santa's Naughty or Nice List by answering a few quick questions. Just click on the link below and don´t cheat!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Have you writen your letter to Santa Claus? If you haven´t, you can do it now. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions. Santa will send your reply inmediately!

Thursday, 3 December 2009


Today, December 3rd, a great ceremony will take place in London at 6 pm: the lighting of the Christmas tree. Each year since 1947, a Christmas tree has been given to the people of London from the people of Norway in gratitude for Britain's support for Norway during World War II. For many Londoners the Christmas tree and carol singing in Trafalgar Square signal the countdown to Christmas.
The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is usually a Norwegian spruce (Picea abies) over 20 metres high and 50-60 years old. It is selected from the forests surrounding Oslo with great care several months, even years, in advance. The Norwegian foresters who look after it describe it fondly as 'the queen of the forest'.
The Christmas tree remains in Trafalgar Square until just before the Twelfth Night of Christmas, when it is taken down for recycling. The tree is chipped and composted, to make mulch.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


It´s December at last! That means that Christmas is around the corner. Many children all over the world start opening their advent calendars today, December the 1st. There are lots of differents calendars: with chocolates, with little presents, with pictures, ... But all of them have got a surprise for you. Do you have your advent calendar?...

Here you are an on-line advent calendar for you. Click on the link below and you will see 24 stockings. Remember to open just one a day!