Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Hello and welcome back to a new school year!
We all feel a bit lazy after the marvellous summer holidays. But now it´s time to hit the books again and start full of energy and illusion. That´s why we had a special activity last Friday, the 11th of September: we had a fantastic pop concert at school! The activity was called "ENGLISH... SING IT!". The fabulous band "BLUE SMOKE" sang many famous English songs such as "What a wonderful world", "Imagine", "Stand by me", "Don´t worry, be happy", "We will rock you",  "All of me", "Radioactive" or  "Say something". BLUE SMOKE has got 4 members:
- María Rodríguez: vocals
- Carlos Mejuto: drums
- Alejandro Sanz: electric guitar
- Andrés Rey: acustic guitar, vocals
Besides, a native speaker (Brenda Handford) made us think about the importance of learning English and about the different ways to learn it. One of the funniest is through songs.
We had a fantastic time! Have a look...

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