Tuesday, 1 June 2010


This story is about an African girl, Handa, who prepares a basket with 7 fruits as a present for her friend Akeyo. But Akeyo lives in other village and Handa has to walk through the savannah with the basket on her head. In her way she meets different animals (an elephant, a giraffe, a monkey, an ostrich, ...) and this fact is going to change something... Have a look!

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  1. This story is very cute. I like that fact one girl is going to surprised her friend by taking her fruits even if she has to make a long walk. She is so happy walking that she doesn't even realize that each animal is taking a fruit. At the end, when she crashes with the tree all the tangerines fell in the basket. When she gets to her friend, is when she really realizes the something happened, but when her friend sees the tangerines it was a very good surprise because she loves tangerines. Nice model to our students, thinking in old friends and how to be kind with them.