Tuesday, 22 June 2010


One more year, school is over. It´s a bit sad to say goodbye to your friends till September. But we have to say goodbye to school and HELLO to summer. Have you thought about how many things we can do in the summer holidays? We all deserve a rest after so many months of activities, homework, exams, ... So...



  1. I think that saying goodbye to our colleagues and students for 2 and 1/2 months is not a big deal. You need time during our summer vacations to spend time with our families and time to share with our own personal fiends. Also, you have the time to do whatever activity you are not able to do during the regular school year. For me the summer break is relaxing and neccessary. After this, you will have more energy to begin a new school year.

  2. Summer is here! It was sad to say bye to my students for I may not see them for some time but I'm sure they're happily swimming or playing at the moment. As for myself, I'm enjoying reading about psychology, learning, teaching and I'm playing and swimming as well! I will be ready to teach and tell them good stories next year.