Saturday, 22 May 2010


It has been very hot these last days, hasn´t it? It seems as we were in the summer. After having a long hard winter, it is so nice to feel the warm of the sun and see its light... If you think about the summer, which words come to your mind? Sea, sun, sand, sandals, swimsuit, ice-cream, ... and lots more. Watch this video and enjoy this early summer!


  1. Rosa,
    I really liked this vocabulary video you made. I am an early childhood teacher and we are having intensive technology training this summer about blogging and its uses, and this gives me great ideas! And you are right-- it is HOT!!

  2. Rosa,
    Thanks for sharing a neat way to develope vocabulary and oral language skills. As a teacher, we are in the midst of intensive technology training and learning great ways to integrate technology is fun! Thanks!