Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Wow! It´s incredible! A group of year 5 students from Cape Town (South Africa) got in touch with us! We are really exhited! They also have their own class blog, very well organised by their teacher Miss Tyler-Smith. I invite you to visit it. It´s really interesting and nice. Just click on the image.
Hello dear African friends! And thank you so much for your comments in our blog.
We´ll be in touch.


  1. Thank you VERY much for promoting our blog! We have so much fun seeing who has visited and tracking our visitors. We look up that country on Wikipedia and learn a little about them.

    We know that Antonio Gaudi came from Spain, we admire his organic building style...and we learned about Goya in Art last year, and about how he charged his portrait sitters per hand that they wanted included in their portrait! Many could only afford ond hand...we think thats very funny!

  2. Wow that is great that you guys found each other and have this way to stay in touch! It is great that you get to hear from people from all over the world and about their lifestyles! Keep up the great work! ~Kyleigh Williams

  3. I love what blogging can do for international communications between students. By using technology this can help future alliances.