Saturday, 30 September 2017


English is everywhere: in science, in diplomacy, in music, on the internet, ... There are more than 53 English speaking countries around the world. Some of them use it as a primary language and some others, as a coofficial language. Do you fancy travelling around the world with English? If so, you will need a PASSPORT. This school year we are going to develop an annual project consisting of visiting a country every month, 10 in total, 2 on each continent. This way, we will know a bit more about:
- 2 countries in Europe: the UK and Ireland
- 2 in Asia: India and The Philippines
- 2 in Africa: South Africa and Kenya
- 2 in Oceania: Australia and New Zealand
- 2 in America: The USA and Canada
And this was what Susana García explained us last Thursday, the 28th of September. She is from London and teaches English in an English school in Coruña. We could also prepare our PASSPORT TO ENGLISH with her. Thank you so much, Susana!

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