Monday, 22 May 2017


Once more we received some foreigners at school: 3 teachers from Ireland, in concrete from Carlow Educate Together Primary School. They were Erin, Mark and Clionna.They wanted to know our experience in the teaching of Galician and see some lessons in order to take some ideas to implement in their own school with Irish. So they participated in different activities, all of them in Galician: They made a kiss in an origami lesson with 6th year, they learned about Carlos Casares with 3rd year, they saw a drama rehearsal with 6th year, they listened to some poems and songs with 5-year-olds, they danced, the collected plants and flowers for May Day, they watched a typical Galician lesson in 2nd year ... Exhausting but very gratifying!!! 
Thanks a lot for your visit!!! We hope to see you again... In fact, we already have penpals in their school!!!

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