Friday, 11 March 2016


Today we have received the visit of two tourist guides from A Coruña: Lara Blanco and Carmen Fraga. They work at the tourist information centre in the Tower of Hercules, but this time they talked about London, a city they know very well because they lived there a year ago. We learned many things about its museums, parks, markets, main streets and squares, ... 
As soon as they finished, it was our turn: we became tourist guides for a day. We explained many things about our fantastic hometown. We took turns to talk about its location, its climate, its historic buildings and our negibourhood, Los Rosales. Finally we participated in a funny game trying to guess what places we saw through a keyhole. It was great fun!
And we got a prize too: some delicious M&M´s. Yummy!!!
Thank you so much for your visit, Lara and Carmen! We hope to see you again next year...
Here is a memory....

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