Friday, 12 February 2016


Last Tuesday it was Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday in England. A pancake is a thin, flat cake. It is made of batter (milk, flour and eggs) and fried in a frying-pan. It is similar to our "filloa". But people in England usually eats it with caster sugar and a dash of fresh lemon juice. Then they rolled it. Some people add golden syrup or jam.
Many English villages also organice a pancake race, which is great fun. The participants wear an apron, a hat and a fying pan with a pancake. They have to run and flip the pancake over at the same time. And as this is our game of the month, we have all participated in a pancake race at school today. It was very exciting and it was curious to see so many "cooks" together. Watch this slideshow and these videos and you´ll understand what I mean....

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