Friday, 8 February 2013


Now you know many things to do during the winter months. Besides, we are learning the past tense in English, so it´s a good idea to go back to the past. Do you remember what you did last winter? I do. Here is my list: 

 1. I made a snowman and an angel in the snow. 
 2. I tried to catch the falling snowflakes. 
 3. I went down a hill on a sled. Wheeee!!! 
 4. I participated in a snowball fight. 
 5. I melted the snow with my hands. Freezing! 
 6. I ate winter food: soups, lentils, ... 
 7. I drank hot drinks: hot chocolate, tea, coffee, herbals, ... 
 8. I wore warm clothes: coats, woolen hats, gloves, thick socks, boots, earmuffs, ...
 9. I left my footprints in the snow. 
10. I sang my favourite winter song: "Winter wonderland" 

Why don´t you write your own list? Oh! And don´t forget to sing along meanwhile you do it. Enjoy Michael Bublé´s song!

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