Thursday, 9 February 2012


Pupils from Robin Hood primary school, Birmingham, worked with a film crew from the National College for School Leadership to express their desire to use their favourite technologies for learning in school. All their words coincide. They say to their teachers: ENGAGE ME!!!


  1. Hello Rosa!(:
    Do you remember me?
    I`m Yago of the last year.
    Here we haven`t got blog,but we will participate in a competition: "The big challeng"
    Goodbye and Wish us luck

  2. Hello Rosa!!!!
    Do you remember me????
    I´m Marta Rivera of the last year, now I´m in 1º E.S.O.
    In the 1ª evaluation, in english I had a 5 but new, in the 2ª evaluaton my english teacher put me a 8 !!!! I´m happy, but...
    how are you? Long time no see you...I miss you :) I love you. In the last year you were my favoirite teacher :)
    Please, see my blog, pleaseee :)
    Marta Rivera