Sunday, 26 June 2011


School is over at last! After a long long school year, we are already in June and it´s time to say goodbye. A special kiss to all my students of years 6A, 6B and 6C because you won´t be in the school next September, you will start a new adventure in the secondary school. Good luck to everyone! I will miss you!
And thank you for being so nice!

Please keep in touch...


  1. Thank you for making English fun and attractive to our children and us. When we will begin to teach it like the rest of the languages? Talking about it from children?Hasta siempre.
    Parents of a student of 6 ° C

  2. Hi Rosa! I´m Alba, do you rememeber me?? Iam in the secondary school now. In the rafael dieste. I was in 6C with Conchy. Im liike the secondary school. It´s amazing!! I like it! It´s very big and i have new friends. In my class i have only a friend, Noemi Rey. In the english class we have a teacher very funny and kind like you!! Her name is Merce. On Thuersdays we go to a class with a native teacher, his name is paul.
    I miss you a lot Rosa!! :( A lot of kisses of Alba :)