Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Can you imagine a school with no textbooks? This is already a reality with the help of the IPad. Remember that we are 21st learners and that we live in a digital world. So there must be a place for new technologies in the school. And The IPAD is the latest device. But... what is an IPAD? IPAD is videos, books, films, photos, music.IPAD is thin, is beautiful. IPAD goes anywhere and lasts all day. IPAD is magical! IPAD is a revolution!
In the next two videos you will learn what an IPAD is and why use it in the classroom.


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  1. PLP Pre game: iPads are amazing! My 80 year-old mother-in-law just purchased her first computer (of sorts) iPad. She is now Skyping with my son in college, completing cross-word puzzles and making virtual pottery! She even plays angry birds!....Begs the question-if an 80 year old can pick up and iPad and see its usefulness, then why, as teachers, are we so afraid to embrace such technology! Time for an iPad revolution!