Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Today, November the 30th, is Saint Andrew´s Day, patron saint of Scotland. So Scots all over the world celebrate their national day with traditional food, music (bagpipes) and dancing. It is also a bank holiday.

But do you know many things about Scotland? Scotland is one of the countries of The United Kingdom. It´s located in the north. It´s capital city is Edinbourgh and it is also the country of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, the bagpipes and the kilts.

The Scotish flag is the cross of St. Andrew´s, also known as the Saltire, a white cross on a blue background.

The Scotish emblem is a thistle. A legend says that many years ago, a group of Scots were sleeping in a field when a group of Vikings came to attack them. But one of the Vikings stood up on a thistle and its prickles penetrated through to his foot and made him shout with pain. His cries woke up the sleeping Scots and saved them. From this day, the thistle became the emblem of Scotland.
And finally, if you want to know who St. Andrew´s was, watch this video. Enjoy it!
Happy St. Andrew´s Day!

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